Council adopts Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan as part of future development in the Sid Valley

The Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan was officially ‘made’ by East Devon District Council following a resolution at a meeting of Cabinet on 30 October and will sit alongside the Council’s local plan. It now becomes part of the Development Plan for East Devon and will be used to determine planning applications for the Sidmouth area.  

Sidmouth Town Council produced the neighbourhood plan in consultation with the community and it received overwhelming support from 90% of voters when it was considered at referendum on 19 September 2019.

The Plan is the culmination of over three years’ hard work by volunteers from the local community, including a Young People's Advisory Group working alongside members of the town council.

 This is the 17th neighbourhood plan to be adopted in East Devon, taking neighbourhood plan coverage to over 50% of the total district population. This means that more than half of the residents of East Devon live in areas where planning decisions will reflect policies which have been produced locally and are supported by the majority of electors.

This Plan for the Sid Valley area, with its population of 15,500, its amazing coast and outstanding landscape, requires well-planned and managed development which is what this neighbourhood plan will deliver.

More information about the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the East Devon website.