East Devon District Council approves a new Council Tax Reduction Scheme from April 2020 that will see many low income working age households better off

Councillors have approved the introduction of a new Council Tax Reduction Scheme for low income working age households from April 2020. Pensioners will not be affected by the proposals.

The new scheme will:

  • simplify the existing Council Tax Support Scheme, which involves a lengthy means test and complex legislation.
  • make it easier for customers to apply
  • be better aligned with those customers on Universal Credit

The biggest benefit for the majority of customers is that the council is increasing financial support.

The majority of the council’s existing working age customers will be better off from April 2020 as the council is increasing the maximum reduction off the Council Tax bill from 80% to 85%. So the minimum customers pay will be 15% instead of 20%.

This new scheme is being implemented following public consultation last year where 88% of respondents agreed with the council introducing an income banded discount scheme as well as increasing support from 80% to 85%.

The discount would be awarded depending on a claimant and partner’s weekly income and the number of individuals and dependants living in the household.

Cllr Ian Thomas, East Devon’s portfolio holder for economy, and Cllr Megan Armstrong, portfolio holder for sustainable homes and communities, said:

“This council recognises the impact national cuts in welfare spending have had with our residents. This is one of the positive measures we are taking which will provide additional financial support with the Council Tax for low income working age households.”

More information about our new Council Tax Reduction Scheme is available on the East Devon website.