East Devon District Council Coronavirus Community Support Hub Hotline now open to offer you help

If you, or a group you know, needs help or you would like to volunteer, call us now on 01395 571500

East Devon District Council’s Coronavirus Community Support Hub Hotline is here to help local residents, communities and organisations access information and support such shopping, or volunteer their time and resources to help their local community.

From Monday (30 March) people have been calling the district council's Coronavirus Community Support Hub Hotline on 01395 571500 and we have received many calls from people seeking help and those who want to volunteer. The line is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (exc Bank Holidays).

The hotline has been set up to help individuals who need support, and family, friends or neighbours can call if they are concerned about someone in their community who needs help.

As well as our hotline, we have online help where you can complete a quick form with the details of the person you may have concerns about.

There may be community groups in East Devon who need some support too. Again they can contact our hotline 01395 571500 or use our online form.

For those who want to volunteer to help in your local community or if you are offering support on behalf of a community group, charity or organisation please contact our hotline on 01395 571500 or complete our online form with brief details of how you may be able to assist whether its shopping for a vulnerable person or staying in touch with people by phone.

Councillor Ben Ingham, the council's leader, said:

We are committed to doing whatever is needed to help people directly and to support our communities. Government has asked us to undertake specific roles in terms of supporting the local economy and our most vulnerable people.

To help support this work we have created the Coronavirus Community Support Hub to coordinate volunteer efforts, providing support for the shielded category people and importantly signposting people to practical help. The council is the administrative unit delivering these hubs with a focus on providing access to food, medicines and other supplies in the first instance.

Our officers and councillors are already in contact with many groups and are working to expand this network. We are working with town and parish councils, voluntary and community groups, other local leaders and local businesses to help us build this response.