‘Stay home – Save lives’

East Devon leader’s message to residents, second home owners and businesses this Easter weekend

As the Easter weekend is approaching, East Devon District Council is reminding people and businesses of the Government advice against non-essential travel.

Leader of East Devon District Council, Cllr Ben Ingham, said:

We know that East Devon is a great place to visit and if we were in normal times we would welcome you with open arms.

However, we are not in normal times and the message is very clear – ‘Stay at home and save lives’. We won’t be thanking you if action on your part results in our residents becoming infected which could lead to deaths. Please come back when this is all over.

Holiday accommodation providers such as self- catering businesses, bed and breakfasts, caravan parks, hotels, campsites and holiday homes have shut their doors in the district as a result of the Government ordering all non-essential businesses to stop operating and for everyone to stay at home and avoid unessential travel. They have confirmed to the council that they are abiding by the order and they risk prosecution if they encourage visitors.

There are a number of exemptions which allow some holiday accommodation businesses to remain open, for example to provide accommodation for key workers, NHS staff and for health and care and homelessness use.

All authorities in Devon recognise the importance of the tourism sector for Devon but they are urging people to stay at home, stay safe and wait until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted before paying a visit to the county.

The government has produced guidance on business closures for further reference.

The Government’s controls are expected to remain in place until the regulations are reviewed by the Secretary of State and a direction issued to end them.