Image credit: Moneycortex, Pixabay

Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG) funding for thousands of East Devon businesses is waiting to be claimed before the deadline at the end of March. Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) will remain open until further notice.

The LRSG emergency coronavirus funding for firms will go back to the Treasury at the end of the month if it is not claimed. 

As of 8th March, £14,649,070 has been paid by East Devon District Council in grants to local firms.  £14,051,357 has been paid to businesses legally required to close and £597,713 has been paid to businesses which could remain open but have been seriously affected by restrictions.  In addition, all of the £58,000 funding for ‘wet-led’ pubs has been paid out to local businesses.

Two LRSG grant funding streams still have money available for local businesses. Around 600 businesses can still apply for the ‘open’ scheme, where businesses are open and can prove they have been severely impacted whilst under Tier 2 and Tier 3 restrictions. In addition, around 900 businesses could apply for the ‘closed’ scheme, where businesses were legally required to close in November and since the 5 January.

Cllr Jack Rowland, East Devon District Council’s Finance Portfolio Holder, said:

Some retail, hospitality and leisure businesses and their suppliers have not claimed any grants. We urge all businesses in East Devon to check if they are eligible and make a claim before the deadline at the end of this month.

We recognise that some businesses are not eligible and criteria imposed by Government may be a barrier. However, there are still many businesses who could claim this money before it has to be returned.

This funding is vital, helping to protect local jobs and support the local economy. Please do check your emails or go to to find out if you can make a claim.

Ruud Jansen Venneboer, Mazzard Farm holiday cottages owner, said:

Grant funding provided by the Council has helped tremendously. As self-catering cottages, we have been closed for guests for close to two thirds of the past 12 months, yet many costs are all year round. The grants have been instrumental in us being able to pay our bills. The grants combined with reduced VAT rates have been a life saver.

I urge businesses to go and make a claim. It is not a difficult process.  However, I would say that the way the grants were named was not helpful in assessing whether or not they applied to us.

Jill Anderson, Chair of Cranford Sports and Fitness Club, said:

The grants we gratefully received have helped us to get through 7 months of closure. The grants have given us the belief that we will be able to re-open to welcome back our members and all those local organisations that love using our facilities. 

LRSG funding for the period 16th February to 31st March can now be claimed. Businesses which have already successfully claimed for January’s restrictions will be sent an access code for completing a short online form.

The current Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) deadline of 5pm today (11th March) has been extended to allow more East Devon businesses the chance to apply. This fund will remain open until further notice.

In the budget, the Chancellor announced new ‘restart’ funding which will be available after guidance has been provided by Government. 

Businesses are asked to be patient while grant applications are processed, due to the huge surge in demand. Please check the frequently asked questions, as we are unable to receive queries by telephone for this grant. To check eligibility and find out more, visit