Edible beds, boasting an array of salad, fruits and herbs, have been planted around East Devon.

Edible beds, boasting an array of salad, fruits and herbs, have been planted around East Devon.

The initiative has been led by East Devon District Council (EDDC), along with the help of a number of other organisations.

One of the new beds has now been planted in Seafield Gardens, in Seaton, with help from Seaton Environmental Action Group (SEA).

While another was planted at Exmouth Beach gardens with the help of a group of children from Isolation Creation – all youngsters who have experienced a tough time through the pandemic so loved the opportunity to get involved.

EDDC also planted a small edible bed in Sidmouth, on the road towards the seafront.

The beds are full of salad plants, herbs and fruit and anyone is welcome to help themselves when they have grown and ripened. Don't forget to wash anything you take from beds before eating also. 

The idea is to make healthy food accessible to people, help the environment and to help wellbeing by bring people together through this positive community based planting. 

The planting will support biodiversity providing food not just for humans but our pollinators as well and also help climate change by capturing carbon.

Cllr Geoff Jung, EDDC’s Portfolio Holder for the Coast, Country and Environment, said:

All volunteers enjoyed planting out the beds, spending time together in a safe outdoor space and the satisfaction of now watching the plants grow.

The children loved trying the taste of the herbs and especially the edible flowers that we planted. Local residents have also been really supportive and love the idea.

We have offers from local residents of watering and picking out some of the tomato plant leaves so we get a bumper crop, and as a thank you they will take some food from the edible beds in return. 

Hopefully this will encourage others to get involved.

We hope if the support continues for edible beds we will do some more in the future in other locations.

EDDC is very proud of its greenspaces and its hardworking staff and wonderful volunteers.

Carolyn Spencer from SEA added:

It was great to take part in a local action again after not seeing each other for such a long time and fab to hear from Lorna that EDDC are now planting more perennial plants, wildlife friendly areas and edible plants for the local community.

Please help spread the word that the herbs are there to be harvested and enjoyed and if you’re passing you might be lucky and find a ripe strawberry!

Hayley Watson, from  Isolation Creation, said:

A great opportunity for the children to learn about planting and experience different tastes from all the edible plants. The children have had a tough time with the Pandemic so it’s great for them to be out and help volunteering to plant up the edible beds. The beds are great for the environment so help towards a better brighter future for everyone.