Plans that will help shape developments in Farringdon, Otterton, Newton Poppleford and Harpford for the next two decades have been officially ‘made’ (adopted).

Plans that will help shape developments in Farringdon, Otterton, Newton Poppleford and Harpford for the next two decades have been officially ‘made’ (adopted).

East Devon District Council has now formally adopted three more neighbourhood plans, bringing the total adopted plans to twenty-one. 

The newly adopted plans will now become part of the Development Plan for East Devon and will be used to guide future development and planning applications in the parishes. 

The  Farringdon, Newton Poppleford and Harpford, and Otterton Neighbourhood Plans were ‘made’ by East Devon District Council on 18 June.

Each of the Parish Councils produced the neighbourhood plan for their area in consultation with the community, and via a dedicated steering group. 

All three plans received support from the large majority of voters when considered at local referendums all held on 6 May (Farringdon 89%; Newton Poppleford 87%, Otterton 92%).

The final ‘made’ plans are the culmination of over five years hard work and commitment by volunteers from each local community, and this effort and commitment was formally recognised by East Devon District Council at its Cabinet meeting. 

A further 10 neighbourhood plans in the district are actively progressing through the plan making process and over half of East Devon’s parishes are now covered by a made plan, making it one of the most active areas for neighbourhood planning in the country. 

This helps to ensure planning decisions take full account of policies which have been produced locally and are supported by the majority of electors. 

For more information about all of our neighbourhood plans or guidance on plan making can be found on the neighbourhood planning pages of EDDC’s website or by making contact with the Planning Policy team.

Councillor Dan Ledger, EDDC’s Portfolio Holder for Strategic Development, said:

It’s great to see another 3 local communities shaping the future of development within their own parishes through the neighbourhood plan process. I cannot congratulate all of the individuals and stakeholders involved enough for their years of hard work and dedication to their respective communities.

Newton Poppleford and Harpford Ward Councillor Val Ranger added:

We are so grateful to the parish council, steering group and  all the residents and consultees who responded to our consultation events over the past few years and to Devon Communities Together who independently collated and analysed our whole parish questionnaires on local housing need and residents views on future development.

The analysis showed what is important to our local community when it comes to both future development and protecting our precious natural  environment for generations to come.

responses helped to direct the planning inspector to really focus on the unique  needs of our parish, to look carefully at what has gone right and wrong in the past, so we can learn from this going forward.

I would also like to thank neighbourhood planning officers at EDDC for their invaluable advice and support.