An elderly lady, who lives in Sidmouth, received a call from a man yesterday (Thursday, 29 October) calling himself David Morris and pretending to be from East Devon District Council's (EDDC) legal team.

He said that because the value of her property had gone up, she was in the wrong council tax band so was being charged incorrectly.

He told her she owed £98 and when she said she could not make the payment there and then, he said he would call back tomorrow to take the payment.

Fortunately, she called East Devon District Council  (EDDC) straight away, so we could advise her it was a scam.

EDDC 'legal team' would never contact a resident regarding council tax.

Officers would also never contact a resident by phone, out of the blue, about a re-banding - a resident would be well aware of any re-banding and it would only happen in specific circumstances.

If a resident ever thinks that a call might be a scam, please end the phone call and call EDDC directly on our secure line - 01395 517446.