Should Colyford have its own parish council? Tell us what you think in a review being carried out by East Devon District Council (EDDC).

Anyone living in the area covered by Colyton Parish Council is being asked to share their views on the draft proposals before the deadline at 5pm on 4 May 2022.

Parish councils have the right to collect money from local residents as part of their council tax bill. This money is then spent by the parish council in their locality. 

The aim of the ‘Community Governance Review’, which was requested by the Colyford Village Residents Association, is to find the most suitable arrangement to represent the people of Colyford. 

Once EDDC has received everyone’s views it will consider the results of the consultation and publish its proposal in spring 2022. This proposal will then be subject to further consultation.

If a separate parish council is set up for Colyford the aim is that it would be in place in time for elections to take place in May 2023.

Town and parish councils are the most local tier of government and have two roles; community representation and local administration. Government guidance states that a parish should reflect a distinctive and recognisable community, with its own sense of local identity. 

People registered to vote within the Colyton Parish Council area will shortly be receiving a consultation pack in the post, within the pack will be a short questionnaire inviting residents to have their say.

If you live in the Colyton Parish Council area and aren't on the electoral register you can find out more information and complete the questionnaire online here.

If you’re not on the electoral register and need a copy of the consultation on paper or in any other format email or call 01395 517569.  

Councillor Sarah Jackson, East Devon District Council’s portfolio holder for Democracy, Transparency and Communications said: 

"It is important that different communities are able to operate with autonomy to decide how best to make use of their resident's council tax and ensure that decision making is both democratic and in the interest of their particular community.

"It is important that you feel properly represented by the parish you live within. In this instance, Colyford may well have a different set of requirements and separate identity from Colyton.

"Separating the area into two parishes could well be in the best interest of both communities, but we need to hear from you first to understand if this is indeed the prevailing view. If you are a resident living in Colyton Parish I encourage you to engage with the consultation and to take this opportunity to tell EDDC what you think."

This proposal was discussed at EDDC's Cabinet meeting on 3 November 2021. You can find out more about this discussion online.