Projects and activities that help reduce poverty in East Devon can now apply for a grant fund that has been opened by East Devon District Council (EDDC).

The new Action on Poverty Fund can accept applications of between £500 and £5,000 from properly constituted and not-for-private-profit organisations or groups such as:
• Voluntary and community sector groups and organisations
• Parish Councils
• Charities
• Other groups such as Community Interest Companies

Projects and activities that apply must help achieve one or more of the priorities or actions listed in EDDC’s Poverty Reduction Strategy and Action Plan which aims to resolve the root causes of poverty.

Examples of projects that could be funded include:
• Projects that tackle hidden poverty for those who are struggling but aren’t currently seeking help.
• Providing recognised and qualified advice on budgeting, money and debt issues to residents.
• Helping people access support from the council and others to see if they are entitled to welfare benefits and other financial help and support.
• Supporting low income residents to access the internet and develop digital skills.
• Increasing the number of people volunteering for local voluntary and community groups within East Devon.
• Projects that seek to understand and address the causes of food poverty.
• Sustainable support to residents in fuel or water poverty, helping them to reduce their energy and water costs.
• Supporting young people in reaching their employment potential.
• Improving health outcomes for people due to financial hardship and debt, including access to good diet, cookery classes, healthy lifestyles and ill health prevention.
• Helping to manage mental health issues arising from any impact of poverty, including low income, debt and fuel poverty.

EDDC Council Leader Councillor Paul Arnott said:

This fund is aimed at the structural challenges in addressing rural, semi-rural and urban poverty. We'd like to thank the many volunteers who continue to give their time and have stepped up with such generosity in this crucial work."

Councillor Jack Rowland, East Devon District Council’s portfolio holder for Finance added:

During these difficult times when many people are facing unprecedented financial pressures for a variety of reasons then this fund is intended to try to help with projects that will help to alleviate those pressures within the scope of what East Devon District Council is able to do at the moment.”

Many relevant organisations within the district are best placed to recognise the type of projects that will really help in this respect and we look forward to seeing the submitted applications that I’m sure will contain many innovative plans.”

Applications can be submitted at any point up until the cut-off date of 30 September 2022. There may be a second closing date on 30 January 2023. However, the amount of available funding is limited, once it runs out the fund will be closed to applications, this may mean the second closing date doesn’t happen.

To find out more and to apply: