A temporary ban on swimming and watersports along Exmouth Beach has been lifted, following a pollution incident.

Earlier today (Tuesday, 19 July) beachgoers were asked to avoid the water by East Devon District Council (EDDC), while the Environment Agency (EA) carried out tests.

The EA, EDDC and South West Water (SWW) received reports of black sand with a foul odour at the eastern end of the beach, close to Maer rocks, yesterday (Monday, 18 July).

Red flags and warning signs telling people to stay out the water were put along the seafront and lifeguards stepped up their patrols.

Test results of water samples, taken yesterday (Monday, 17 July), have now shown a very low level of bacteria, in the normal range.

SWW are still investigating the cause of the incident but EDDC's precautionary closure has now ended and bathing and watersports are once again being allowed at Exmouth.

An EDDC spokesperson said:

We would like to thank everyone for their patience while these tests were carried out.