A Littleham group, which is leading the way forward, celebrating its community by bringing residents together, has gone from strength to strength.

After seeing the success of the Littleham Squilometre, which received a £5,000 cash injection from East Devon District Council (EDDC), the authority is keen to invest in the start-up of similar projects that can celebrate the district’s many communities.

The group, which boasts a Facebook group and a website, is led by highly trained and motivated ‘Place Champion’ – Littleham resident Anna Matthews – and a ‘pod’ – made of up Littleham Road volunteers. 

Littleham Road is the focus of activity for 2022 but the Squilometre will continue to celebrate the whole neighbourhood, one street at a time.  

Each street pod organises at least five community events throughout the year and also hosts regular ‘street pod’ meetings, giving lots of opportunity to knock on every door and extend an inclusive invitation to join.

Current events being led by the group include a sunflower competition, Littleham Road walking quiz with future plans for a Bidmead Community Centre spruce-up, poetry sharing and a Platinum Jubilee tree planting bringing the Littleham Road project to a head on September 11, 2022. 

The local community has voted for where the project goes next – you can take your vote too! https://www.littlehamsquilometre.org/where-next---you-choose.html) – which at the moment, looks to be Capel Lane.

Deirdre Ryan, an EDDC community development worker, said:

“I hope that you agree that this is phenomenal value for money and would consider funding more Squilometres across the district. 

“Littleham Squilometre began in late 2020 as an online community with a Facebook page inviting people to share stories and experiences, and highlighting interesting things about Littleham.

“In August 2021 the first ‘street pod’ was formed for Littleham Road and the first official Littleham Squilometre project began.”
Councillor Dan Ledger, EDDC’s portfolio holder for sustainable homes and communities, added:

"This has been a fantastic project in bringing a community together to achieve tangible changes for the better. I look forward to the possibility of more squilometers across the district and I can't wait to see what can be achieved.”
Councillor Nick Hookway, an Exmouth Littleham ward member and EDDC's portfolio holder for culture, sport, leisure and tourism, said: 

"This is an excellent example of community resilience led from the ground up, where culture and a sense of place meet to give a community a beating heart. 

"My congratulations must go to Anna Matthews for her hard work and I hope that the Littleham Squilometre goes from strength to strength. It certainly has my support!"
Councillor Bruce de Saram, an Exmouth Littleham ward member, added: 

"Littleham Squilometre is a good example of the successful use of social media to shape and inform Littleham residents about activities in this community and I must extend my thanks and congratulations to both Anna Matthews for all her hard work and the wonderful support provided by Deidre Ryan."

Visit the group’s Facebook page or website for more information here.