people walk on a sandy beach
Beach walking. Image credit: Jay Cross

A new tourism strategy has been approved by Cabinet.

Building on East Devon District Council’s support for the tourism industry with the EastDevonly campaign, a new tourism strategy has been approved by Cabinet.
The new 5-year strategy aligns with the new East Devon Cultural Strategy and will help the tourism sector to grow sustainably and bring prosperity to the area. The vision is for “East Devon to be the leading, year-round tourism destination in Devon, whose diverse ecosystem of outstanding natural environments, distinctive, high-quality businesses, towns and villages, all thrive and grow through a commitment to Net Zero, accessibility and collaboration”.

Councillor Nick Hookway, East Devon District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Tourism, Leisure, Sport and Culture, said:

I am delighted that this new strategy has been approved by Cabinet as it aligns perfectly with the Council’s vision for a clean and greener future, improved accessibility, good quality employment and higher wages across the area.  Tourism plays an important part of this work and brings many economic and social benefits, helping support our local cultural activities within our vibrant towns, villages and hamlets. 

The tourism strategy builds on the quality of the existing tourism offer and encourages growth through an increased focus on sustainability and inclusivity.

The strategy is based on strong evidence including existing strategies, stakeholder engagement, national analysis and trends. The strategy is achievable but ambitious, identifying a direction, actions and the role for East Devon District Council as an Enabler that will create lasting impact for the area’s tourism sector.

The strategy has already helped shape EDDC’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund Investment Plan.  Next steps include securing tourism data for 2021 to act as a baseline for future measurement and procuring a partner to run an East Devon Tourism Network to facilitate collaboration and sharing of best practice. In addition, the tourism strategy will inform relevant policy within the district’s new Local Plan, due later this year.

Read the full tourism strategy