Celebrating the plaque unveiling in honour of Queen Elizabeth II
Image caption: (L-R) Annie Thompson, John Vieth, Martin Sawer, Cllr Ian Thomas, Ian Priestley, Lynne Jones, Howard West, Brenda Pritchard, Nigel Pritchard, Vaughan Jelley, Edmund Jones, Julian Thompson, Cllr Paul Arnott

A commemorative plaque has been unveiled by Howard West, Acting Clerk to the Burgesses, for an oak tree planted as part of Queen Elizabeth’s Green Canopy project (QGC) which celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee earlier this year.

Local resident Annie Thompson joined forces with East Devon District Council (EDDC) to identify a suitable location to plant a tree in Colyford. Although Colyford Common, which is owned by the Burgesses of Colyford, seemed a logical place, sadly the tree would not survive there because it floods with sea water during the winter. As an alternative EDDC’s Countryside team offered a location at Seaton Wetlands within the Colyford boundary.

The English oak tree, Quercus robur, and plaque can be seen by visitors to Seaton Wetlands walking from the Seaton Lane entrance (opposite Pope’s Lane). This tree can be found with the What 3 Words app using “sudden.confining.vegans”. 

Throughout the long, dry summer, the tree has been cared for by Annie Thompson and her husband Julian. Annie said,

Colyford now has a special place of memorial and remembrance which marks Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s long and industrious reign, and will be meaningful for many years to come.

This tree is even more important to us now, as it’s the year in which Queen Elizabeth sadly passed away, aged 96 years.

People walking past the tree today will be able to say they remember when it was planted and look at how it’s grown!

Cllr Ian Thomas, Chair of East Devon District Council, said:

I am delighted to see another addition to oak trees planted across East Devon, for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

Our council gifted oak saplings with a commemorative plaque to towns and parishes throughout East Devon. This network of trees also contributes to the Queen Elizabeth’s Green Canopy project.

Commemorative oak trees, renowned for their longevity, strength, and unique position in the national landscape, will serve as an important local reminder of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, as well as supporting EDDC’s carbon neutral and environment priorities.