EDDC tenants and staff sat around a table for a training session
Tenants taking part in a training session

As part of East Devon District Council's (EDDC) commitment to boosting tenant satisfaction, lots of opportunities are being provided for tenants to be actively involved in its housing service.

EDDC's Community Development team have organised and delivered a range of programmes and events to improve tenants’ experience. The team have been busy arranging training to help volunteers to question, scrutinise, and monitor the actions and performance of the council and to reflect the wishes of residents.

Recent training sessions have included topics such as the role of the Housing Ombudsman, an introduction to the Key Performance Indicators Dashboard, and the results of the Tenant Satisfaction Measures.

Councillor Dan Ledger

Councillor Dan Ledger, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Homes, and Communities, said:

"The council are focussed on ensuring that we improve our housing service wherever possible. This is one of an array of measures we are putting in place to make sure our tenants' voices are heard for the betterment of the service."

Tenants who want to share their thoughts and opinions, or who are interested in finding out more about how the housing service is run, are encouraged to contact us through the East Devon District Council website.