A photo of Drill Hall in Sidmouth.
The Drill Hall in Sidmouth

An update has been provided on the planning application that was due to be received on the Drill Hall in Sidmouth.

The Rockfish planning application for the Drill Hall and toilets site in Sidmouth that was due to be considered on the 21 November has been withdrawn from the committee agenda by the Local Planning Authority.  This is due to the Environment Agency (EA) responding late last week on the amended proposals by Rockfish and their assessment of the flood risk presented by the development. Their comments raise some concerns with this assessment and in particular highlight the need for a Flood Warning Evacuation Plan from the applicant. The EA requests this should be provided and agreed in advance, rather than be a condition of a planning permission, if it were to be granted. 

Both Rockfish and the Council (acting in its capacity as landowner), remain committed to achieve the redevelopment of this seafront site and Rockfish will continue to work with the Environment Agency and the Local Planning Authority to ensure that the application can be heard at a future planning committee as soon as possible.