Photo of East Devon District Council flowerbeds by Seaton's seafront. To the left is a roundabout and buildings. To the right are the cliffs in the background and the beach in front
East Devon District Council flowerbeds by Seaton's seafront

Plans to relocate two bus stops near Seaton seafront are being put forward in order to improve safety for pedestrians.

Devon County Council is proposing the scheme as part of its Bus Service Improvement Plan, using funding from the Department for Transport.

The County Council has been working with partners to develop the scheme which would remove the bus stops from Marine Place and at the foot of the Seafront Gardens, replacing them with a single stop with upgraded facilities on the esplanade side of the roundabout.

To accommodate a new bus shelter and bus waiting area, it will be necessary to remove the flowerbeds located to the south of the roundabout. 

Details of the proposals drawn up by DCC can be found here and will also be posted on site.

East Devon District Council and all of the partners involved in the project appreciate that the loss of the flowerbeds might be disappointing for some residents and visitors, but it is agreed that pedestrian safety must come first, and it is essential that these beds are removed for this work to go ahead. 

The removal of the flowerbeds does though offer an opportunity to consider how to make the best use of the space to make the seafront a more attractive place to visit.

Devon County Council aims to complete the work by spring 2024 in time for the summer season.