Photo of two people with digital devices. Credit Cosmic
Credit: Cosmic

Residents will be empowered with valuable digital skills through free monthly workshops in Exmouth and Axminster.

These workshops aim to meet the diverse needs of residents of all ages, with a wide range of topics helping attendees make the most of technology, such as online messaging, safety, and using their phone in an emergency.

The ‘Forever Connected – creating digital confidence’ project is being delivered by East Devon District Council’s (EDDC) Housing Community Development team, in partnership with Cosmic, an East Devon-based social enterprise, over 12 months.

The first workshops in Exmouth will be from 2pm on Tuesday 4 June, and Tuesday 2 July at Palmer House. The first workshops in Axminster will be from 2pm on Monday 17 June and Tuesday 16 July at Millwey Community Centre. The locations of these community centres are on EDDC’s website.

From September, the workshops will begin at 10am followed by drop-in mentoring sessions at 12.30pm, which will provide additional guided support, learning, and answers to any queries. In Exmouth these will be the first Tuesday of the month at Ratcliffe House, Burnside and in Axminster the third Tuesday of each month at Millwey Community Centre.

Councillor Dan Ledger, EDDC's portfolio holder for Sustainable Homes and Communities, said:

““It’s fantastic to see EDDC working in partnership with Cosmic again to deliver these workshops. Hopefully these sessions will empower our tenants, allow them to gain vital skills and build confidence with the use of technology.”

Julie Hawker, Cosmic’s CEO, said:

"As we navigate an era marked by profound digital advancements, equipping tenants with essential new digital skills is no longer a benefit—it's a necessity. At Cosmic, we are dedicated to ensuring that residents, communities, and organisations stay proficient and updated, preventing them from being sidelined in the swiftly evolving digital realm. We recognise that digital inclusion is not just an initiative—it is the foundation upon which we build stronger, more resilient communities."

If you would like to join one of these sessions, please get in touch with the Communities team by emailing or calling 01395 517453.