Day in the life – Lorna Christo

Every day is different for Lorna Christo, an East Devon District Council recycling and waste officer.

Currently Lorna is working on a new recycling service which the council has just introduced in Exmouth and will be rolling out to the rest of East Devon from mid-June.


As the new service is now up and running in Exmouth, Lorna is focusing on the next phase of the service for the rest of East Devon.


She loves her job. She said: “It’s really interesting and every day is different than the day before. I work from the council’s Camperdown office in Exmouth, liaising with the area officers from the council’s Streetscene team. I help to coordinate our recycling advisors who are helping our residents settle in to the new service. We need to be on our toes on collection days and before, making sure people are putting the right things out, starting early and going around with the crews from our contractors Suez so the service runs as smoothly as possible.

“I also organise information days and events across the district to promote the new service. This is work I have been carrying out since we began planning for the new service last March. We want to make sure that all our residents know about it.


“We’ve been working hard to support residents to adapt to the new service and fix any teething problems and the feedback we have received has been great; residents have been amazing and are generally very supportive and excited about it.


“What has helped is that we now recycle items like cardboard and plastics and they are the biggest wheelie bin fillers. As these bulky items are being collected every week, the wheelie bins are not filling up with so much rubbish and we now collect these every three weeks.


“The best thing I like about the job is helping people to recycle more and making people aware how much they can make a difference to the environment.  I believe in neighbourhoods being attractive and clean places to live where residents feel happy and safe and the waste and recycling team play an important role in this.


“Having worked in a wide ranging role in the Neighbourhood team in Bristol, supporting art, parks and green spaces and sustainable transport projects, it’s safe to say that working for East Devon is totally different, in a good way!”


In her spare time Lorna, who has a degree in fine art, is a painter and printmaker specialising in contemporary landscapes and seascapes and also runs community art workshops helping young and old people to be creative.