East Devon has this message for its tenants - keep safe this Christmas by keeping all communal areas free of clutter

We'd like to remind all our tenants to please make sure that all passageways and staircases, internal and external escape routes are kept clear at all times in case of emergency evacuation from their building, due to fire or other unforeseen circumstances. 

Anything that could hasten the spread of a fire, or be a trip hazard must be removed. This includes any plants, tables, chairs, paintings, rugs and carpets, including door mats. In short, anything at all in the communal areas will need to be taken inside your property or removed.

While we appreciate that at this time of year Christmas decorations and lights are traditional. It is also a time when the risk of fire increases. No decorations including Christmas wreaths in the communal areas, lighting or other decorations/notices are permitted in communal areas at any time.

We wish to remind you that these actions have been put in place to keep you and your families safe. In addition they will help to maintain the safety of visitors, staff and the emergency services.