Our Parks and Open Spaces Improvement team is finding ingenious ways to reuse old bedding plants

Our Parks and Open Spaces Improvement Officer Sharon Scott has been telling us about the fabulous recycled bed in Seaton, which the Parks team has now completed. Sharon says it has cost the council nothing apart from a little labour – the fish’s wire structure is on loan from Sidmouth in Bloom and all the plant material was taken out of the summer beds, which were going to be thrown away. The rocks were left in the yard at Phear Park and Team Leader Carl Beckett has made a shipwreck out of some old pieces of wood.

Sharon said:

It’s a trial planting scheme as we are not sure how the weather will affect the fish,  but as it was all virtually free we thought it was worth a go! We have received an overwhelming amount of positive response while planting up the fish, which has been really encouraging.