Gathering tree data on an app

Can you help?

East Devon tree enthusiasts are being asked to help collect data on the trees growing in their community by downloading a free app and recording the information.

As part of a pilot which East Devon District Council is taking part in, volunteers are being sought to provide information on the location and details of the general tree population in their area so that, for example, species and size can be recorded and the trees can be monitored for disease.

The pilot, which is running for May and June, will be limited to trees growing within the boundary on the East Devon District Council Local Plan. The mobile phone app, called Curio, has been developed by an Irish company and specifically collects and records tree data.

David Colman, Senior Arboricultural Officer for East Devon District Council, said: 

Although the pilot project has a limited time frame I am hoping that we will be able to carry the project forward to collect further data to fill in the gaps as well as extend the boundaries of the survey. The Curio apps will continue to be freely available to the public beyond the period of the project.

The information we gather will help us and fellow arboriculturalists, landscapers, planners and the wider community to better understand the value of trees,   to inform the management of trees in specific localities, to monitor and respond to tree pests and diseases, and guide future tree plantings.

Our goal for the wider project  is to provide a one-stop open repository for tree data, welcoming information from any agency or group and enabling and celebrating community  participation in valuing  and maintaining the unique tree population of East Devon.

The web application and the iOS and Android apps can be accessed from There are also a series of short, instructional videos that can be found at