Wild flower displays in our parks are proving very popular

East Devon’s Parks department is expanding wild flower plantings and biodiversity throughout the district

East Devon’s Parks Department is expanding both wild flower plantings and encouraging wildlife in and around the various parks and gardens in the district.

This is due to the popularity of our wild flower displays in recent years and the positive feedback we’ve received from the public, who have said how much they appreciate the longer flowering period and the vast mixes of colours.

Wildflowers are also more cost effective to grow, as you have less maintenance, less watering, on top of which they are good for the local environment.

This year we intend to expand further by introducing a wildlife woodland walk in Blackmore Gardens, which will consist of bug posts, hedgehog boxes, bee hives and bird boxes. There will be a wildlife border in Exmouth, which will be similar to Blackmore Gardens with the addition of a wild flower mix, which is being purposely grown for cutting, so the public can help themselves.

We have sourced British wild flowering plants for specific areas, which will encourage insects into specific areas where we know there are flight paths of certain bat colonies.