Exmouth seafront

Evidence given to House of Lords Select Committee

East Devon District Council has been championing the regeneration of seaside towns and communities following a call for written evidence on the issue from the House of Lords Select Committee.

A number of seaside towns and communities are located along the East Devon coastline and the council and its partner organisations have worked hard over the years to breathe new life into these areas.

Responding to a list of questions raised by the Select Committee, the council told the Committee that:

  • Seaside towns are working towns with residents who wish to live and work in the area; there needs to be a balanced and robust economy. Seaside towns need greater investment and reconfiguration to broaden and strengthen their economies.
  • The communities of East Devon have embraced the opportunity to make Neighbourhood Plans thus providing a community perspective of local aspirations and opportunities for regeneration. These are important community owned documents to feed into regeneration planning and delivery.
  • There are specific challenges and significant resource requirements in relation to demographic change, particularly an increasing ageing population.

The council has also suggested that it is time for a form of ‘coastal proofing’ of government policy, strategy and intervention, recognising both the challenges and opportunities that coastal locations offer.

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