Mulch ado about donkey poo

If you’ve been wondering why our flower beds have been steaming, it’s to do with the new compost mixture that our StreetScene team has been using to improve the nutritional composition of our borders

The council’s StreetScene team has begun their winter mulching programme using donkey dung collected from Sidmouth’s famous Donkey Sanctuary, who kindly let us pick up 24 tonnes of donkey poo! This was then added to 24 tonnes of green waste from Coastal Waste. Having mixed the two together (it makes a lovely rich mulch) it is now being dug into our flower beds. This will not only benefit the plants by giving them a nutritional boost, it will also help retain moisture in dry weather. We are spreading the compost on the surface and letting the worms do their thing by taking the mulch down into the soil. We will reap the benefits next summer when our beds are in full bloom and then everyone can enjoy wonderful floral displays!