Changes to Street Trading in East Devon come into force

A new business opportunity across East Devon for Street Traders to apply for street trading consents

East Devon wants to encourage new local business activity and add to the vitality and footfall of our coastal and market towns. So, following extensive public consultation in Spring 2017, East Devon District Council’s Licensing Committee at its August meeting gave final approval to changes to Street Trading in East Devon, which will shortly see the introduction of more Consent Streets across the district.  Traders that meet the council’s high standards and requirements will have new opportunities and locations around the district from which to do business.

This means that as from Monday 2 October 2017, anyone 18 or over may apply to East Devon District Council for permission to street trade within the whole of East Devon (apart from parts of Sidmouth and in the charter market areas of Honiton and Axminster) provided they meet our high standards and requirements.

The application process will require details to be given about the exact location proposed by the street trader, the goods being sold and information about the person or persons selling the goods. The application will need to be accompanied by a fee, which will be determined by the location, length of the consent and time of year. Once an application (plus the appropriate fee) has been received, it will be fully considered.  However, applicants do need to be aware that there may be occasions when it will not be possible for the council to give consent.

Approval cannot be given, for example, when a location is not suitable or safe for street trading to take place or where the goods being offered could conflict with other local, established businesses. All refusals will receive a full explanation of the decision that has been given.

Street traders will also need to be aware that this change in policy will mean that anyone trading anywhere in East Devon without the consent of the council could be acting illegally, which could then lead to enforcement action.

When an application and fee have been received, the council must consult other organisations to seek their views before a street trading consent can be granted. For this reason, the application period may take three to four weeks and permission cannot be given to a trader until the local consultation has finished.

Applications cannot be submitted or accepted until the changes take place on 2 October 2017.

Information about how to apply, together with full details of the requirements that applicants are expected to comply with, as well as details of fees, are available on the council’s website.

Stephen Saunders, East Devon District Council’s Licensing Manager, said:

The council’s aim is to create a street trading environment that complements premises based trading and which is sensitive to the needs and amenities of residents. We are also looking at providing diversity of consumer choice and want to enhance the character and ambience of local environments.

The Licensing Service can be contacted directly by telephone on: 01395 516551 or by email: