Council now focusing on raising recycling standards

As East Devon residents settle in to their new recycling service introduced in the early summer, the council is now focusing on raising standards in the way the collections are made.

The new service has, in the main, been very well received by our householders, and the council has been listening carefully to their views about how collections are made.

Since the service was rolled out, our households are now recycling more than ever before and latest figures show us that, on average, 57% of East Devon’s waste is being recycled - an increase of 15% compared to the beginning of this year.

As with any new service being introduced to more than 68,000 households, we are aware of some teething problems with missed collections, container returns and littering/spillages. We’re working closely with our contractors SUEZ on these issues and we have put in place a number of actions to ensure that standards are raised in these areas and that the situation continues to improve. The council and SUEZ have a small team of officers who are now ‘shadowing’ the collection crews to monitor their work practices and coach them on ways to improve.

Although the number of missed collections is very low, we are already seeing improvements in this area since the team was put in place. We want to stress though that if your collection is missed, we want to know about it, so please report it on 01395 571515.

The council has seen fantastic participation from residents who have all presented their new containers just as was asked of them in the extensive communications they were sent before the service change, and we would like to say a big thank you to residents for this. 

We want to do our part too by providing a high quality collection service, which is respectful of your environment, so we have been working with the SUEZ crews on returning the recycling containers correctly once they have been emptied. All crews are reminded regularly about the correct way to return the containers and again, please report this to us if they are not.

SUEZ crews are required to clean up any spillages within a two metre radius of the collection and have equipment on board the recycling and waste lorries to do this. If you do find there is a repeated problem of littering and spillages in your area, please contact us.

Further information about the new service is available on the council’s website  and includes a full list of what residents can now recycle. You can also follow the council’s social media service on Facebook at East Devon District Council and @eastdevon on twitter.

If you want to be kept fully up-to-date about your new collections, download the council’s really useful smart phone app which will send you reminders about your collection days tailored to your own address. The East Devon mobile app is free and is available to download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.