Rare bat discovered on Seaton Wetlands

It's the first time a Bechstein's bat has been discovered at the Wetlands.

To give some perspective of how rare this bat is, the first record of this bat for the Countryside Team came in 2009 at Holyford Woods, again found by Adrian and at the time, this was only the ninth ever record for the UK!

Essentially a woodland bat, with a similar specialist set of features much like long eared bats, it was extremely interesting for Adrian to find this species here on the salt marsh. However, what happened next was even more remarkable! Using the telemetary tracker on the bat, Adrian was able to follow its movements for the next few nights and the bat arrived several miles away from where it was first discovered on Colyford Common, in a group of trees in Colyton, a few metres from where Adrian lives!

We are so fortunate to have many experienced and enthusiastic naturalists living in East Devon inputting into our knowledge of the Local Nature Reserves. Without voluntary contributions such as these, our understanding of these fabulous sites would be far less detailed.