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Invisible fences control cattle...

The collars emit a loud beep when the animal walks toward an invisible line created on computer software and governed by GPS technology. If the beep is ignored, the animal gets a small electric shock as it would from a traditional electric fence, and the bullock will turn away and soon remembers to not ignore the beep!

This means we can create grazing enclosures on sites as intricate and complex as necessary. From whole site, extensive grazing, to mob grazing or to carefully protect ground features such as birds’ nests or reptile felts from trampling, this system is sophisticated as it needs to be.

The one pressing need for this technology to work safely is for the cattle to remain calm and un-harassed by visitors or visitor dogs. If grazing animals are chased and in a state of agitation they could ignore the beep, ignore the shock and be on the wrong side of the virtual fence. Worse still, animals could be chased all the way into the road! So, we are asking all visitors to Trinity Hill and Fire Beacon Hill in the summer months to keep their dogs under close control, preferably on a lead. Not only is this good for the cattle, it’s good for wildlife on the nature reserve, too!

And for anyone concerned what happens to cattle which do find themselves on the ‘wrong’ side of the boundary; their instinct to re-join the herd will bring them back to the correct location, and the system gives no beep and no shock to animals walking in the opposite direction.