Drivers using our car parks can pay for their parking by phone, using the Parkmobile service and a credit or debit card. Parkmobile is an alternative to pay and display parking and saves motorists the hassle of storing coins.

You can register for free with Parkmobile any time so why not register now?

How do I use the service?

The service is offered alongside pay and display parking across East Devon and in various other parts of the country.

Motorists need to register their details with Parkmobile either by phone 020 3003 2527, online at Parkmobile, or by downloading one of the Parkmobile Apps (free to download).

Registering can be done in advance or at the time you park and will take a few minutes (if you register in advance, paying for your parking session will be considerably quicker). When you register you will be asked for your credit or debit card details and your vehicle registration number (you can register more than one vehicle).

What’s in it for me?

  • No need to display a ticket in your vehicle - the enforcement officer checks your parking online
  • No tickets blown off the dashboard by a sudden breeze
  • No need to use coins
  • Increased payment choices
  • With start/stop, there’s no need to predict your length of stay, stay for as long as you like and only pay for the time you are parked (according to the car park tariff and up to the maximum stay allowed)
  • No need to walk to the pay and display machine or display a ticket
  • Optional expiry SMS reminders before your parking runs out
  • See your parking history on line and download your invoice
  • Register all the family’s vehicles on one account

Paying to park

When you arrive at a parking space call the cashless parking number on your phone - 020 3003 2527 (local rate number included in most mobile phone contract bundles) or use one of the Parkmobile Apps (free to download) to pay for your parking session. Please note there is a 20 pence convenience charge for each parking session on top of the standard parking charges.

Start/stop parking

If you have already registered you don't need to speak – when prompted just key in the location number of the space where you are parking. The location number will be clearly displayed on notices on the side of the pay and display machines. You will then be asked to start your parking.

When you return to your vehicle please call 020 3003 2527 again or use the App and stop your parking, subject to the maximum period permitted, you are then charged for the time you are parked to the nearest rounded up tariff band (see tariff signs relevant to the space you are in).

A key benefit of start/stop parking is you no longer need to predict your length of stay so you are not required to rush back to your vehicle before your parking time runs out.

See how it works by visiting Parkmobile start stop demonstration

SMS reminders

With Parkmobile cashless parking, you can also choose to have a reminder SMS sent to you to remind you when your parking session is about to expire or finished. Your SMS profile can be managed from within your personal pages at