Metal detecting is allowed in our parks, play areas and gardens.

However, digging to recover any finds is banned under section 13 of the bye-law relating to pleasure grounds. This section states that "no person shall remove from or displace in the ground any stone, soil or turf or the whole or any part of any plant or tree". Any breach of this bye-law could result in prosecution.

There are lots of open spaces in East Devon that don't belong to us, so before you set out with your metal detector please get permission from the landowner. Please call us to check ownership - if it's not ours we may know whose it is.

If you do come metal detecting in East Devon please make sure you don't interfere with or cause a nuisance to other land users or cause damage to plants and wildlife. You should hold appropriate public liability insurance and report any significant finds to the landowner. 

For further information please check with the National Council for Metal Detecting, especially their Code of Practice. Also see the Portable Antiquities Scheme   for help identifying your finds.