East Devon District Council have made all data (see Personal Search portal guide) that is required to answer Con29 and Local Land Charges Register searches available online via a Personal Search Portal.

We have created a Mapping Portal in combination with Look up tables which will enable anyone to research all the relevant information to be able to answer the LLC and Con29 data.

We hope that you find this service beneficial in aiding your personal search.

Personal Search Portal guide

Map overlays of East Devon

Enforcement Notices

Completion Certificates

Parish Plots

References and Links

Viewing the detail on the map layers

Layers will only appear when you are zoomed in to a single property.   

Layers are all in groups, the layer group name will appear greyed out until this zoom level has been reached.  These groups are all initially off, when you switch the group on in the layer list all the layers in that group will go on. 

Clicking on the map at this point will return information about just the layers that are switched on.

A complete guide has been produced to assist you in this process.