From 1 April 2022 our fees are as follows: 



LLC1 Only

£17 (no vat)


£81 (inc vat)

Full Search (Con29 and LLC1)

£98 (vat on CON29 only)

Optional enquiries: Question 4 (Proposed roads)

All other optional enquires

£12 (inc vat)

£6 (inc vat

Additional question


Parcels of Land - Con29

£18 (inc vat)

Parcels of Land - LLC


Admin Fee for Individual question

(If either the LLC or full Con29 isn’t asked)

£11 (inc vat)

Personal Search

Not applicable

Copies of agreements

If you would like copies of Building Regulations and Completion Certificates please contact our Building Control Department. Either by emailing or phoning (01395) 517482.