Electronic searches

You can submit your search online via any number of online search companies, some of which are listed below:

NLIS (National Land Information Service) hub

 Index Property  Information

Legal Linx

Big Property Data

Via email

Submit the relevant forms and plan of the area you wish to search and email to:

Upon receipt we will validate your request and then return an email with our bank details and unique ref number to use for bacs payment.

Paper search

To submit a paper search we will require the following forms:

  • 1 x LLC1
  • 1 x Con29 (2016 Edition)
  • 1x Con29O (2016 (if required)0
  • The correct fee (payable to East Devon District Council)

If an LLC1 only search is being submitted we will require:

  • 1 x LLC1, 1 x plans
  •  The correct fee (payable to East Devon District Council)

These are Ministry of Justice forms  and can only be obtained either through a solicitor or a legal stationers and are copyright protected by the Law Society.