Planning Obligations (often referred to as developer contributions) are legal documents that require developers to undertake certain works or make financial contributions in order to mitigate the impacts of the development proposed. Planning obligations are most commonly used on residential developments where the proposed new dwellings will lead to additional demands on affordable housing, play facilities, habitats and other local infrastructure. All new developments must address the likely obligations relevant to the scale of development proposed. Most commonly, these obligations are met through a Unilateral Undertaking or S.111 Agreement. However, for more complex applications, a Section 106 (S106) agreement is required.

You can view more on development contributions on East Devon here: What are planning obligations, and how much will it cost? - East Devon

Via the link you can view developer contributions (both financial and non-financial) related to specific developments or by searching under other criteria such as location, contribution type, status etc.

Please note however, that the data is constantly being updated and also amended through verification and reconciliation with the Council’s finance system so the results of your enquiry may change over time.

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