East Devon District Council is preparing a new Local Plan that is expected to ultimately replace the existing Local Plan, that covered the period 2013 to 2031, as well as replacing the Villages Plan and potentially, at a future point in time, the Cranbrook Plan.

Our work on new Local Plan production starts off with consultation on an Issues and Options document that summarises some key issues facing East Devon looking forward and some options for how we might address these.

We are also undertaking a Call for Sites (as part of a Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment) which will allow people to identify land that they consider suitable for the development, and we have also a produced - and are consulting on - a draft Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal scoping report to support the Local Plan.

The Issues and Options consultation is undertaken in respect of support of the requirements of Regulation 18 of ‘The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012’.