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2. The previous 2008 Landscape Character Assessment

The previous Landscape Character Assessment dates back to 2008 and details are provided below.  It should be noted that on approval the 2008 Landscape Character Assessment will be fully superseded by the new assessment.

 Landscape Character Map

The above map has an ordnance survey base map, and the legend identifies the 13 landscape character types (LCTs) which relate to East Devon.

How to use the guidelines

  1. Find out where your site is by clicking on then viewing the large map on these pages which has an ordnance survey (OS) base map with the landscape character types (LCT) overlaid on top as a see-through layer. 
  2. Use the OS base map to find out which landscape character type (LCT) your site is located in.
  3. Either go to the full LCA & MG document or open the individual LCT sections that your site is within to confirm what information there is on the landscape condition, features and proposed management guidelines for that LCT. 
  4. Use the information there to help guide your landscape proposals or development.

Landscape Character Assessment and Management Guidelines 

Each section of the document is available through the links below: -

 Introduction and appendices 

Landscape Character Type 1: Plateaux

Landscape Character Type 2: Scarp slopes

Landscape Character Type 3: Valley Slopes

Landscape Character Type 4: Valley Floors

Landscape Character Type 5: Cliffs