The purpose of the GESP is to:

  • Have a joined-up vision and aspirations for the area
  • Meet the area’s housing needs in the right locations
  • Secure economic growth and increased prosperity
  • Provide transport and infrastructure improvements needed to support sustainable growth
  • Conserve and enhance the area’s environment

For further information please go to the GESP website.

The Greater Exeter Strategic Plan timetable:

  • Issues Consultation – February 2017 (completed)
  • Draft policies and site options - June 2019 (Now under review)
  • Draft Plan Consultation – November 2019 (Now under review)
  • Publication (Proposed Submission) – February 2021
  • Submission – July 2021
  • Hearings – September 2021
  • Adoption – April 2022

Following the local elections in May 2019, the Local Planning Authorities are taking stock of the progress made on the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan. This means that a review of the timetable is likely to be needed. More information will be provided here during the summer of 2019.