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1. East Devon Heritage and Local Heritage Assets

East Devon has a rich historic environment and a number of heritage assets which have helped to shape its distinctive character and identity.

Our heritage assets, which are valued parts of the historic environment, are an irreplaceable resource that provide significant social, economic and environmental benefits for East Devon. It is important that we set out a positive strategy for their conservation and enjoyment, for this and future generations.

In East Devon we are fortunate to have over 3200 assets of significant architectural and historic importance that are listed nationally. These include:

  • Listed Buildings
  • Scheduled Monuments
  • Registered Parks and Gardens
  • Conservation Areas
  • World Heritage Site Coastline.

We also have a wealth of heritage assets of more local interest in our towns, villages and countryside that contribute to the special character of their locality.

East Devon Heritage Strategy (2019 - 2031)

We have recently produced a Heritage Strategy (2019 – 2031) for the District.  This presents:

  • a summary of our heritage
  • its significance
  • its management
  • its benefits

There is a 12-year action plan for the delivery of our recommendations. The strategy was adopted in March 2019 following a public consultation.

East Devon Guide to the Listing of Local Heritage Assets

It is often the features that are not significant on a national scale that make the biggest contribution to the distinctiveness of a local area. Some of these local, or ‘undesignated’ heritage assets may meet the criteria to be placed on a list of local heritage assets. This can have a positive effect on the planning process and be beneficial for local places and communities.

We have recently produced a Guide to the Listing of Local Heritage Assets which is intended to help local communities identify and assess features of character with a local heritage value. The guide was adopted in June 2019 following a public consultation.

The guide includes an assessment procedure on pages 9-10, which sets out how nominations for the list may be made.  The nomination form is also available to view and print here, and we are in the process of making this available to complete online.

East Devon List of Local Heritage Assets

We are currently assessing items that have been nominated for inclusion on the East Devon list of local heritage assets.  The list of items ratified to date is available to view and print.

Latest News

A pilot scheme involving local people in their built heritage was launched in East Budleigh this October.  It is part of the East Devon Heritage Strategy for 2019 – 2031.

The project aims to build knowledge and skills amongst volunteers to help manage, protect and enhance the heritage assets of their area, bringing many benefits. Initial training was provided for 14 people, including members of the Otter Valley and Sid Vale Associations and East Budleigh Parish Council.

There was excellent feedback from the event, with all participants reporting an improvement in their knowledge and understanding of Conservation Areas. Volunteers commented that the training was enjoyable, informative and inspirational.  Further training and activities are planned over the next three months and we hope to roll out the scheme to other areas.

Many partners have made the project possible, with funding from the East Devon AONB Sustainable Development Fund and the Norman Family Trust, with support from the Otter Valley Association.

Further Information

The following links provide more information and guidance on heritage in England, the South West and Devon.


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