Local communities have a unique appreciation and understanding of their built surroundings and a village design statement is based on this knowledge.  It is a document compiled and produced by a community to outline and influence the way the planning system operates locally, although it will usually function as an informative piece of guidance (a material consideration) rather than having a formal status.  A village design statement describes the qualities and characteristics that people value in their village and surroundings. They might focus on issues such as size, shape, scale and materials and the way in which new development can be positively incorporated into the local environment - they can't allocate or prevent development though.

Although we recognise the usefulness of village design statements we no longer actively promote their production as resources are now being directed towards the neighbourhood plan initiative. Communities wishing to produce or update a village design statement will need to accord with the Countryside Agency guidance booklets. These are no longer available from them but can be downloaded below:

Making Local Character Count (1)

Making Local Character Count (2)

Town Design Statements - A guide to good practice