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Initial Engagement on the Villages Plan

The Villages Plan has been subject to a number of consultation events as detailed below.

Summer 2012 Parish Consultation

In the summer of 2012 Parish Councils were consulted to seek there involvement and help in plan preparation.

May 2012

Vil001 - Letter sent to Parishes with Built up Area Boundaries

Vil002 - Letter sent to Parishes without Built up Area Boundaries

Vil003 - Letter sent to towns with villages with Built-up Area Boundaries

Vil004 - Letter to Ward Members

June 2012

Vil005 - Second letter sent to Parishes/Towns with Built-up Area Boundaries and copied in to Ward Members for corresponding parishes

August 2012

Vil007 - Email to Parishes/Towns with Built-up Area Boundaries attaching Response Form

Vil008 - Email sent to Ward Members

Vil009 - Response Form attached to emails referred to above

Autumn 2012 Parish Consultation

In Autumn of 2012 further correspondence was undertaken with potential interested parties on the potential scope of the document.

August 2012

Vil010 - Letter emailed to everyone on Local Plan database inviting preliminary comments on the process

October 2012

Vil012 - Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) deadline email (October 2012)

November 2012

Vil013 - Email reminder to Parishes with Built-up Area Boundaries regarding Village Boundary Deadline – 26 November 2012

Letters were copied to all councillors for information.  The letters refer to maps for some settlements, these show sites submitted to us by landowners as part of our previous consultation.  A document containing all the maps is available.

Responses received are contained in the village consultations comments document. The Devon Countryside Access Forum letter and the Devon Countryside Access Forum Position Statement are also available.

Consultation Feedback Report in Support of Draft Plan

In December 2013 the District Council published a consultation Feedback Report from the work done up to the end of November.

CFR00 - East Devon Villages Plan, Development Plan Document – Draft Consultation Statement December 2013