Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) add additional detail to the Policies of the Local Plan. They may explain matters in more detail and set out guidance to assist in implementation. SPD will be produced in accordance with the adopted SPD production Protocol.

Overview of the plans we're producing

Current and future plans

Development proposals, specifically planning applications, are judged against the relevant policies of the development plan for the area. In East Devon, this is currently made up of the adopted East Devon Local Plan 2013-2031 that was produced by us, the Devon Minerals and Waste Local Plans which are produced by Devon County Council (DCC) and any 'made' Neighbourhood Plans, produced by a Parish or Town Council. The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has produced the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) - which is a material consideration in determining planning applications - and the National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) to replace previous national guidance on the planning system.

Our plans that are in production or are proposed

We are in the process of preparing a series of new planning policy documents which will replace the adopted 1995 to 2011 Local Plan. These formal policy documents will be subject to public consultation and examination.

Plans currently being produced include:

  • New Local Plan – this will set out strategic policy for development across East Devon and the full suite of policies for the seven main towns of the district, the West End and countryside areas, but not those villages with built-up area boundaries (see below).
  • Villages Plan – this plan will be specifically concerned with development boundaries around villages, allocations of land for development at these villages and other spatially defined policies that may be applicable to villages. The villages Plan, will follow on after the main Local Plan document (prior to its adoption we will continue to use the ‘saved’ current Local Plan plans for villages).  
  • Gypsy and Traveller Plan – this plan will provide for accommodation of gypsies and travellers in East Devon.
  • Developer Contributions Plan – this plan will set out details of contributions that we will seek from developers as part of the development process (these contributions will be complemented by the Community Infrastructure Levy which has its own dedicated web pages).
  • Cranbrook Future Development Plan – we are committed to producing a plan specifically for the future development of Cranbrook.