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8. Inspector's report and final Sustainability Report

The Inspector has now issued his Final Report on the Examination of the Local Plan and this is accompanied by an appendix detailing the Main Modifications.  It should be noted that at some points in this table text reads 'not accepted as a main modification' (or similar).  This applies to cases where the Council proposed a change but the Inspector did not accept it.  The main modifications to the plan can be read alongside a new clean base copy of the plan text as presented for examination in 2013.  This new draft has been produced to assist plan users and to see main modifications in context; but it does not constitute a definitive draft, original paperwork should be reviewed for a complete record see  Proposed minor post publication changes.  Note:  page numbers in the appendix to the Inspector's Report refer to the page numbers in this linked document.  

A similar report has now been received regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule Examination.

Final Sustainability Report