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3. Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

Exeter Strategic Housing Market Assessment and Objectively Assessed Housing Numbers in East Devon

The SHMA helps to establish an Objectively Assessed Need figure for housing for the local plan and for wider policy work. The overall figure draws on housing needs explicitly arising from projected future job growth in East Devon, specific work was undertaken by Ash Futures Ltd and Edge Analytics to help establish housing requirements.

The Objectively Assessed Housing Need figure for East Devon is established through the overall SHMA work and averages out at 950 net new dwellings per year.

The overall SHMA/housing numbers work comprises, therefore, of three published reports;

Report by Ash Futures Ltd

Report by Edge Analytics

Interim Report by DCA 

The report by DCA (above) has now been superseded by the final DCA Report.

Final Report 2014/15 by DCA