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4. Examination Hearing Documents

Here are the East Devon Local Plan Examination hearings programme, guidance notes and Programme Officer letter of 4 December 2013.

Hearing 1

Procedure and Duty to Co-operate

A revised Statement of Common Ground on Duty to Co-operate

Inspector for West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland letter

Hearing 2

 Affordable Housing 

Update to Topic Paper 1: Housing including Affordable Housing achieved

Providing Homes for an Ageing Population paper 

Hearing 3 


Inspector's letter to EDDC 20/02/14, EDDC Response - 5 Year Land Supply  and Exeter Studies 

Hearing 4


Employment table update and TAFF Employment 2007 

Hearing 5

Monitoring & Implementation 

Hearing 6

Natural Environment & Green Space 

Supplementary paper from EDDC at request of the Inspector - Hearing 6

Hearing 7


Mr G Cooper letter 10/03/14 and Local Futures Document/EDDC report 

Hearing 8

Design & Historic Environment 

Hearing 9

Tourism & Retail   

Hearing 10

Climate Change

Hearing 11

Gypsy & Travellers

Hearing 12

Open Space, Leisure & Community Facilities

Hearing 13

Development Management   

Hearing 14


Hearing 15


Letter from ERaTA, EDDC response and Inspector's letter to Mrs Pawson 

Hearing 16


Supplementary paper from EDDC at request of the Inspector - Hearing 16

Hearing 17

Ottery St Mary & Seaton 

The Planning Inspectorate Appeal Decision 

Hearing 18

West End 

Supplementary paper from EDDC at request of the Inspector - Hearing 18

Hearing 19

Omission Sites & Built up Area Boundaries

CIL Examination Hearing

CIL Examination hearing

Updates to submitted documents - CIL02   CIL03  CIL16 

Cranbrook Infrastructure Assessment 

Potential Additional Costs post changes table (Response to Inspector's letter 18/02/14)

Cranbrook Town Centre Land map 

Land Values and Agricultural Land Values 

HCA Area Wide Viability Model and Housing Standards Review

Cumulative Impacts of regs on House Builders