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2. Core document library Submission documents

CD/SD001 - Local Plan Maps (see Refs CD/PD002-013) on proposals map and inset maps.

CD/SD002 - Schedule of Proposed Minor Post Publication Changes (Editing) July 2013 to the East Devon Local Plan

CD/SD003 - Local Plan Legal Self Assessment Checklist (30 pages)

CD/SD004 - East Devon Local Plan Consultation Statement - Summer 2013 (147 pages)

CD/SD005 - Representation library

CD/SD006 - Statement of Compliance with the Duty to Co-operate Statement (14 pages)

CD/SD007 - Local Development Scheme

CD/SD008 - Statement of Community Involvement

CD/SD009 - Local Plan Soundness Self Assessment Checklist July 2013 (21 pages)

CD/SD010 - Local Plan Statement of Fact

CD/PD001 - East Devon Local Plan Submission document (252 pages)