Guide Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessment

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1. Sustainability Appraisal

Sustainability Appraisal (SA) is concerned with looking at the potential impacts of alternative strategy and policy options in respect of social, environmental and economic considerations. The appraisal provides evidence to test and inform plan content.

We appointed Land Use Consultants to produce the SA of the new Local Plan. The main SA report was published in October 2012. The document is very large and so it has been broken down into smaller files in order for more manageable downloads.

Publication Draft Sustainability Appraisal Report (pages 1-100)

Appendix 1 - Review of Plans, Policies and Programmes

Appendix 2 - Baseline Information

Appendix 3 - Appraisal of Strategic Policies

Appendix 4 - Appraisal of Development Management Policies

Appendix 5 - Assumptions used in Appraisal of Site Allocations

Appendix 6 - Audit Trail of Site Allocations and Reasonable Alternatives and Maps Showing Alternative Sites

Appendix 6 - Exmouth Map

Appendix 6 - Honiton Map

Appendix 6 - Axminster Map

Appendix 6 - Ottery St Mary Map

Appendix 6 - Budleigh Salterton Map

Appendix 6 - Seaton Map

Appendix 6 - Sidmouth Map

Appendix 7 - Appraisal Matrices for Site Allocations and Reasonable Alternatives

West End Addendum Report This addendum report has been written in-house and is designed to assess sites in the West End in the same way as the above document. See also the addendum report for more information.

Non-Technical Summary Report

Prior to actually undertaking a SA we were required to produce a document called a scoping report. The scoping report sets out background information about relevant sustainability issues and also includes a framework of key sustainability objectives against which planning policies are to be assessed. We have produced a generic scoping report that will be used to inform appraisal of:

  • the East Devon Core Strategy; and
  • other documents that will make up the East Devon LDF.

The Scoping Report can be downloaded here and the appendix to the Scoping Report can be downloaded here

The Interim Sustainability Appraisal of the Issues and Options report can be downloaded here.

Preferred Approach Sustainability Appraisal Report 06/09/2010

Sustainability Report Non Technical Summary

In producing the local plan we have provided the opportunity for people to make representation regarding the Sustainability Appraisal and comments received were addressed in an Addendum to the Sustainability Appraisal report. This addendum should be read alongside the other Sustainability Appraisal work and see the Publication Draft of the new Local Plan webpage for the local plan document.