Guide Old East Devon Local Plan 1995-2011

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1. The previous plan

There was an adopted Local Plan for 1995-2011.  This earlier Local Plan has, however, now been superseded by the Local Plan for 2013-2031, that was adopted on 28 January 2016.  Some weight may, however, still be attached to inset maps for villages listed under Strategy 27 of the newly adopted plan. 

The previous Local Plan was adopted on 19 July 2006 and links to documents are listed below.

Inspector's report Part 1

Inspector's report Part 2

If you would like printable copies of the adopted Local Plan text, this is available from the links on the following pages:

Chapters of the Local Plan

Appendices of the Local Plan

Proposals and inset maps for the adopted Local Plan

Please note that some of the chapters are very large files and have  been sub-divided to reduce download time.