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We recently ran a consultation seeking your views on the draft of the Baxter’s Farm, Musbury Development Brief.  Following this consultation the document will be revised and a further consultation will be undertaken. The Development Brief constitutes a ‘Supplementary Planning Document’ (SPD) and will follow the production and adoption process for this type of guidance.

At the consultation stage we wanted to hear your thoughts about what was being proposed for inclusion in SPD.  Questions that might be considered in responses included:

  • Does the scope and content of the Development Brief address the planning needs of the site?
  • Will new development meet local aspirations for more affordable dwellings?
  • Will new development be in keeping with the character of Musbury?
  • Will the important historic setting of the site be respected?
  • Is there anything else that you think the Development Brief should cover?
  • Does the Development Brief propose anything that you think should not be included?
  •  Are there any other specific areas of concern of which we should be aware?

The consultation ran from 25 July – 10 September 2018.

Comments received

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Please note that we usually upload comments to the website, with personal details redacted. Where comments are received from an organisation or business, contact details will not usually be redacted. In some cases, for instance where comments are deemed to be offensive or confidential, comments may not be made public or an officer summary may be uploaded instead.

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