Guide Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

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15. CIL Forms

Please note that the Council approved a revised Charging Schedule on Wednesday 21 October 2020.  Please also note that we will begin charging the amended rates in this Charging Schedule on all decisions made from Monday 1 February 2021. We will update these web pages in due course but if you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us.

Download Documents:

Cil Form 1 - CIL Additional Information Requirement Form

Cil Form 1 -  Guidance Note

Cil Form 2 - Assumption of Liability

Cil Form 3 - Withdrawal of Assumption of Liability

Cil Form 4 - Transfer of Assumed Liability

Cil Form 5 - Notice of Chargeable Development

Cil Form 6 - Commencement Notice

Cil Form 7 Pt 1 - Self Build Part 1 Exemption Claim Form for a Whole New Home

Cil Form 7 Pt 2 - Self Build Part 2 Exemption Claim Form for a Whole New Home

Cil Form 8 - Self Build Residential Annex Exemption Claim Form

Cil Form 9 - Self Build Residential Extension Exemption Claim

Cil Form 10 - Claiming Exemption or Relief (Charitable and Social Housing Relief)

Cil Form 11 - Exceptional Circumstances Relief Claim - Not applicable to EDDC

Cil Form 12 - Further Charitable and/or Social Housing Relief Claim

Cil Form 13 Further Exemption Claim

Cil Form 14 - Phase Credit Application